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Creating a VIOLENCE free world

Community Forum for Advanced Sustainable Development is a community based movement dedicated to ending Gender Based Violence. We are known for our strong commitment to empower local women to speak out against Gender Based Violence which is a barrier to sustainable community development.

People Supported

Create a world where all women are free from violence and have the opportunity for economic independence.


We build the capacity of local citizens to effectively prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence in all its forms.

Creating  a  VIOLENCE   free   world



HIV/AIDS Prevention among adolescents

COFAS works with adolescent girls and young women to help gain knowledge on their sexual health by providing youth with a safe, secure, nurturing, loving and supportive environment.


Menstrual Health Management

Menstruation is an integral and normal part of human life, indeed of human existence, and menstrual hygiene is fundamental to the dignity and well being of women and girls


Sexual Reproductive Health

We focus in particular on adolescents’ girls and young women and those from marginalized communities, and the magnitude and impact of adverse SRH events on their health and well being.